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Oh my fucking god, I despise google with every bone in my body. They cannot be trusted with domain names, a thing that thousands of other companies do perfectly fine with no hassle and tons of profit! I have to migrate a decent chunk of domains away from google unless I want them to be sold off to Squarespace! This is a product that has been out of beta for a whole year! That has existed for like 8+ years! Gone for seemingly no discernible reasons.
This is after they made sure to push for .zip and .mov TLDs, of course.
Why am I mad about this now and not when the news first dropped? The answer is that I was mad both times, and plenty of times in between, but whenever I think about it again it makes the anger vein in my head pop out once more.
This is not a hard business as far as I can tell, companies here have existed for decades! Domain Dot Com has been around since before the turn of the century, GoDaddy even longer, both kicking because it turns out it's incredibly profitable to charge people for an entry in a DNS server.
This company is relied on by sooooooo many people. Google is basically where you go for email, even if you're a business. Websites live or die by Google SEO. YouTube is nearly synonymous with internet video at this point. They have their fingers in every school with Chromebooks. They basically control how the web works via Chrome's dominance, and how thousands and thousands of apps are pushed out via Chromium in Electron.
Why do we allow this company to still exist in its current form? If we were actually a real country and not a rotting husk we would have made this company an example of them by now.

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