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Animated image from the show Kodomo no Jikan


I'm Karen! I'm a programmer/fighting game player/weeb/general mischief causer from the US. My current areas of focus are custom ergonomic game controllers, biohacking (the kind where you insert things into your body not the chemical stuff), NFC technologies (what I want inserted into my body), and the downfall of the united states.
This is my little playground where I can write about whatever I want, from some long-form content to "this is a tweet that I didn't wanna put on Twitter Dot Com".

Animated stamp of Holo showing her whiskers Stamp where Riamu Yumemi says 'fuck yoy' Stamp of Flandre Scarlet Animated stamp of Kaname Madoka Stamp that says 'I support cute anime girls' Stamp of Iori Minase Animated stamp of Akemi Homura and Kaname Madoka rubbing cheeks Animated stamp of Remilia Scarlet Stamp of Holo looking annoyed Stamp of Iori Minase Animated stamp of Oshino Shinobu Stamp of Yukari Yakumo Stamp of Takako Takamura Stamp of Hatsune Miku wearing wings
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