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The year of finishing some damn anime

Recently, I've had a tiny issue. By recently, of course, I mean the last 5+ years, give or take. I just can't finish a show. I'll get into something new, struggle to get through one episode over an hour, and then give up and do something else. And that's fine, I'm not beating myself up that I have a bad case of unmedicated ADHD, it's just frustrating that it means that I'm missing out on things I want to watch. And it's not because of anyone else, it's just me doing it to myself.
A 5x5 grid showing posters for various anime I plan to watch this year.
The goal this year: I have 25 shows in this 5x5. I wanna finish at least 20 of them. Cardcaptor Sakura is 70 episodes so it's an exception, I'll count it as finished if I watch 2 cours of it, or 24 episodes. Dropping a show also counts as finishing it, I just have to accept that it's dropped instead of whinging about how it's "on the backburner". No such thing! It's either happening or over.
So, here's the plan!
I'm gonna set aside Tuesdays and Saturdays as designated watching days. In 2024 I've got 103 combined Tuesdays and Saturdays, not including the ones that've already passed. So if I wanna watch everything on my list by the end of the year (444 total episodes), I'll need to watch a bit over 4 episodes on each watch day. More than 4 (4.32 to be more accurate) each watch day seems like a bit much if you're trying to count the hours, but it's better than it seems. That's to complete every single thing on the list, which isn't the goal, I only need need to finish 20/25 - I could skip a whole row and be fine. That'll give myself wiggle room in case life gets in the way, and extra space in case I wanna get some more shows in. Plus, not every show is made exactly the same. Cromartie episodes are only 12 minutes long, Yokohama Shopping Log is only 2 episodes long, etc.
I probably will not be writing about a lot of the shows just because writing about creative works is not my strong suit. I can explain why I like what I like given enough time, but I'm somewhat on a time crunch. I'm terrible at finishing writing my posts anyways, I'm not gonna try and pressure myself even more.
Younger me is probably sobbing as they watch 10 shows a season, staring at me putting 20 as my goal...

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