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Animated image from the show Kodomo no Jikan

Mayoi Neko Overrun

This show sucks, like, it really really sucks. It sucks in the "this is actively obnoxious in like 5 different ways" way. A show that really cannot let the audience simply understand and recognize the basic, cookie cutter tropes it has to offer, but must actively explain them in detail in case the whole thing flies over your head.

Hey, did you notice? The main love interest has blonde hair and looks a bit pouty, could you hazard a guess as to what kind of personality she has? What, you wanted to experience her personality, figuring out who she is as a person, like you're getting to know her as someone meeting her for the first time? Of course you didn't! You needed to be explained, in no uncertain terms, that she's a tsundere. And that the MC's friends are a hardcore otaku and a strict martial arts person.

Honestly, I don't think I can buy enough weed to let me stomach watching through this uninterrupted. I wanted to write more but I'm feeling it too much, fuck this show.

I'm still gonna watch it.

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Congratulations, Queen Eliabeth II, for joining Fate Grand/Order today.

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Whats so bad about porn, again?

Crunchyroll just announced it acquired online store RightStuf. The biggest thing of note here, outside of the blatant monopolizing of the field of legal anime and how attrocious things are going to become, is a link in the article for the "FAQ Page".
A list of various FAQ questions that mainly pertain to the RightStuf website no longer selling Erotica.
Hold on a fucking second this is just about the porn. Literally. This entire main FAQ page is about the fact that due to their merger with Crunchyroll, RightStuff will not be selling porn. It's "Hey we bought this company" and "We bought this company, so they're no longer selling porn".
I don't think I have to mention this, but porn is in fact, good. It's not bad. It's a positive thing. And here's another example of a giant corporation being so utterly terrified of their "brand" being "tarnished" by "naughty" stuff that they slice off a big chunk of a company to do so.
It's yet another reminder that this is a good reason to pirate. You should just pirate stuff. If you like something, you should either have a physical copy, or have a digital copy downloaded somewhere nice and secure. Otherwise, it might as well never have existed at all.

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If crypto ain't a scam, then it's sure fooling me

So there's this dude. Jeremy. He's a Pokemon VGC competitor. Pretty good resume, lots of points, a championship, all in all a good player. Recently (read: January 29th), posted a small tweet thread talking about earning money playing VGC competitively and how he was sad that, in spite of how far things had gotten, Pokemon probably wouldn't ever be a competitive eSport.
That's when he announced he'd been working with two other Pokemon players... On an NFT PvP game.
A screenshot of the Kuroro Beasts Twitter profile.
So, it's an NFT on-chain game. Or, wait, is it? It's also free to play, according to Jeremy. And it's supposedly also going to be off-chain as well, and the on-chain elements are mostly there for prize support. And also it's an MMO, because an NFT project can't also not be an MMO.
A screenshot of a tweet from the Kuroro Beasts account talking about a Unity-based MMO.
The real thing I took away from this was not, for instance, that people you might respect can instantly have a heel-turn and peddle a ponzi scheme in no time flat while secretly working on the project for months (the Kuroro Beasts twitter account was made in November, and Jeremy only tweeted about it at the end of January, that's up to two months of dev time before bringing the idea in front of his "normal" non-crypto audience). It wasn't how quickly feature creep hits these kinds of projects, with plans quickly bloating with extra projects, MMOs, comics, and various tie-ins before the dust even settles.
It's that no matter how hard crypto people try to be legitimate, they just cannot help looking like a scam and fostering other scams.
A screenshot of a retweet involving a Blitz Battle whitelist giveaway.
A screenshot of a retweet involving a Tajigen whitelist giveaway.
A screenshot of a retweet involving a Kuroro Beasts and Ukiyo whitelist giveaway.
In case the terminology isn't familiar to you, a whitelist (WL) in the crypto space involves having your address whitelisted to be part of the first group to be allowed to buy the coin in an ICO/NFT in an NFT project. Generally, people who are whitelisted have a way better time turning a profit than those who show up later, so the goal of winning a WL giveaway is generally to make more of a profit than your average joe. These giveaways are everywhere. And I do mean everywhere, you can easily follow down a humongous rabbit hole of crypto projects advertising whitelist giveaways for other crypto projects that are advertising whitelist giveaways for other crypto projects, etc. etc. Every page Kuroro links to looks just like Kuroro's, in that it's a flurry of giveaways and RTs to other giveaways and promises of amazing things.
Now, that's not to say that there aren't projects that attempt to look professional. Another example that I saw was Nym, propped onto my unsuspecting timeline by checks notes whistleblower Chelsea Manning? Why on Madoka's green earth...
A tweet by @xychelsea pushing a crypto token called Nym.
So, this is a decentralized, anonymous internet... Project? Infrastructure? Thing? But the main goal of it is to be a token, seeing how they cannot help but talk about exchanges taking Nym tokens, or how A16Z's crypto investment arm (that is known to toe the line on what is considered a pump and dump) is putting even more money into them. But, their Twitter page is capital p Professional™️. No RTs about whitelists, no giveaways, lots of articles about their Innovative Technologies and all that.
A hidden reply to the @xychelsea tweet loaded with @s and token symbols.
And once you go into the hidden replies that all melts away, it's bots still, spamming coin symbols, begging for stuff to go to the moon. You can't magically un-scammify this space. No amount of professionalism will get you away from the people using the system as it was meant to be used, which is to convince someone else to be the bigger fool.

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Twitter just got bought, huh?

Twitter. Bought for $44b. By Musk. Woo, fun stuff.
It's funny how I made this site partially to be a place where I put tweets I didn't really want to put on there, kinda as a joke, and yet here I am actually considering using this somewhat seriously?
God I hate billionaires.

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