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It's like a tweet, but it's not. Mostly because it's Not On Twitter Dot Com.

Pouring one out for a real one

Recently, I'd say about 2 months ago, a website died. The website was called Userbars dot be. It seems they stopped existing some time around May 2023, after operating since December of 2005.
It's minor in the grand scheme of things, I guess, but it's still a bit sad. It was a real relic of an older time, operated seemingly until 2014-ish, full of little slices of culture that people felt they cared about enough to turn into a little image to tag on the bottom of their forum posts. It's a pretty irrelevant form of doing things these days, anyways. But the userbars on my site on the left were all taken from it.
When I posted about it on some social media, nobody seemed to care. There are obviously replacement websites, it's not like we lost GeoCities. But I feel weirdly alone in caring.

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#1 Takuji Mamiya Hater

Takuji Mamiya fucking sucks. I hate him. I hate his incel-ass so much. Die. Die die die. Please.
Takuji: "Oh, look. If it isn't Minakami-san. Long time, no see."
Combust. Garbage. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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Mayoi Neko Overrun

This show sucks, like, it really really sucks. It sucks in the "this is actively obnoxious in like 5 different ways" way. A show that really cannot let the audience simply understand and recognize the basic, cookie cutter tropes it has to offer, but must actively explain them in detail in case the whole thing flies over your head.

Hey, did you notice? The main love interest has blonde hair and looks a bit pouty, could you hazard a guess as to what kind of personality she has? What, you wanted to experience her personality, figuring out who she is as a person, like you're getting to know her as someone meeting her for the first time? Of course you didn't! You needed to be explained, in no uncertain terms, that she's a tsundere. And that the MC's friends are a hardcore otaku and a strict martial arts person.

Honestly, I don't think I can buy enough weed to let me stomach watching through this uninterrupted. I wanted to write more but I'm feeling it too much, fuck this show.

I'm still gonna watch it.

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Congratulations, Queen Eliabeth II, for joining Fate Grand/Order today.

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Whats so bad about porn, again?

Crunchyroll just announced it acquired online store RightStuf. The biggest thing of note here, outside of the blatant monopolizing of the field of legal anime and how attrocious things are going to become, is a link in the article for the "FAQ Page".
A list of various FAQ questions that mainly pertain to the RightStuf website no longer selling Erotica.
Hold on a fucking second this is just about the porn. Literally. This entire main FAQ page is about the fact that due to their merger with Crunchyroll, RightStuff will not be selling porn. It's "Hey we bought this company" and "We bought this company, so they're no longer selling porn".
I don't think I have to mention this, but porn is in fact, good. It's not bad. It's a positive thing. And here's another example of a giant corporation being so utterly terrified of their "brand" being "tarnished" by "naughty" stuff that they slice off a big chunk of a company to do so.
It's yet another reminder that this is a good reason to pirate. You should just pirate stuff. If you like something, you should either have a physical copy, or have a digital copy downloaded somewhere nice and secure. Otherwise, it might as well never have existed at all.

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