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Pouring one out for a real one

Recently, I'd say about 2 months ago, a website died. The website was called Userbars dot be. It seems they stopped existing some time around May 2023, after operating since December of 2005.
It's minor in the grand scheme of things, I guess, but it's still a bit sad. It was a real relic of an older time, operated seemingly until 2014-ish, full of little slices of culture that people felt they cared about enough to turn into a little image to tag on the bottom of their forum posts. It's a pretty irrelevant form of doing things these days, anyways. But the userbars on my site on the left were all taken from it.
When I posted about it on some social media, nobody seemed to care. There are obviously replacement websites, it's not like we lost GeoCities. But I feel weirdly alone in caring.

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